Horse Boarding

We offer paddock and pasture boarding

  • $350 / Month (Includes, Feed Twice a day, Hay Twice a day, Blanketing, Fly/Tick control and worming)
    • Supplements will be given but must be in SmartPak style packaging. 
    • Holding for Vet , Farrier or Chiropractor is $5 per occurrence
    • Joint Support - Acti-Flex - $22.00 / Month - (optional) 
    • Forco - $17.50 /  month (Digestive Fortifier) - Once a Day - (optional) 
    • You are asked to supply a water proof turnout sheet and a 100-200 gram turnout blanket (Not optional)

You can Download our Boarding Agreement Here:


FORCO Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier is a product that addresses the problem of providing proper bacterial populations and fermentation in the horse’s digestive tract.


FORCO uses highly effective yeast cultures and digestive enzymes in making FORCO Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier . FORCO uses a formula that began in research over 25 years ago. This formula combines different cultures and enzymes causing a synergistic effect which makes the fermentative quality greater than if each ingredient is used individually.

FORCO Feed Supplement Digestive Fortifier  is a one of a kind product. It is one of the few pure and all-natural products on the market. It is dependable, stable, and safe. It does not contain live microbial or live-cell yeast, due to their perishability and inconsistent performance. It has no carriers or fillers and there are no supplemental vitamins, minerals or proteins. The FORCO formula contains only pure fermentation products designed to promote normal microorganism and bacteria population in the digestive tract of the horse.

Most horse owners are very concerned with what and how they feed their horses, but this is only one side of the equation. To maintain optimum health and nutrition in the horse, the horseman not only has to feed balanced rations but also must maintain a balanced micro flora in the digestive tract.